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Whether you’ve got a leaking pipe or are planning construction work, our state of the art tech will identify any problems, allowing you to start digging with confidence.

We’re Auckland’s pipe tracing and leak detection specialists.

We use radio detection equipment and ground penetrating radar to scan your site for underground services. The survey shows all your services at their true position and depth.
Water Pipes
Gas Pipes
Power Cables
Phone Lines

Has your water bill increased? Do you have an unexplained wet area on your land?

Our acoustic leak detection service has saved home and business owners thousands of dollars in repairs. By pin pointing the location of the leak you will be able to quickly and cost effectively target the area for repairs.

If you have a leak on your water-main in your commercial or residential property, don’t pay a plumber hundreds of dollars to cut up your driveway and dig up your front yard in the hope that they might guess the correct location of the pipe or the leak.

Call 0800 2 DETECT and have one of our experienced technicians accurately locate the problem.

Take the guesswork out of your construction or landscaping project.

Our pipe tracing equipment can trace underground utilities such as water pipes, gas pipes, power cables and phone lines. Don’t take the risk of accidentally digging up a service and potentially putting yourself and others in a dangerous situation.

Call us now if you are doing a new build or a renovation and check there are no underground services in your way before you start your works.

Call us on 0800 2 DETECT before you start digging!

How do we detect what’s under your ground?

We have a range of specialised state-of-the-art tools which we use to detect what’s underground. Depending on the size of the site, and the type of issue, the survey can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. We will be be able to pinpoint where the services run and mark them out for you.

For leak detection, we will initially use pipe tracing tools to identify the path your pipe takes from the meter to your house or business. We will then use electronic listening equipment to listen for, and amplify the sound of, water leaks in the ground.

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At Complete Detection, we help Aucklanders all week, including Saturdays. We’re owner operated, so you can be sure to receive the highest level of service.
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