Directional Drilling

Complete Detection Ltd are your directional drilling experts in and around Auckland. Being experts, you can certainly trust Complete Detection Ltd, we have managed different kinds of projects such as repair for various kinds of surfaces identified with the work attempted including clay, solid driveways, pathways, and black-top. We have also handled drilling for all common development project in the Auckland area including penetrating for water funnels, force ducting, sewers and storm water lines, telecom fiber optic and so much more. You are guaranteed of peerless experience that others do not have.

Complete Detection Ltd also uses state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques.This is because we believe in excellence in every single aspect. Here at Complete Detection Ltd, low headroom work is productively managed with using our proprietary hydro driven crawler-mounted drill rig with remote water driven force pack. It is specifically aimed for a definite work in controlled or restricted spaces, inside structures/storm cellars. The drill rig has the capability to work all rotational and/or revolving percussion drilling systems and the progressed kinematic produces an expansive variety of mobility. We also have a breadth of demonstrated directional drilling methods which includes the following:

 Percussion mallet drilling

 Rotating wash drilling

 Duplex drilling

 Overburden casing (concentric) system

 Constant flight twist drilling

Complete Detection Ltd is committed to giving Auckland the best directional drilling service with safe and exceptional results. It is our commitment to establish a good working relationship with you so we can figure out on the specifications of the project. We work around your timeline and budget cost. We do our best to meet your specific needs and delivery superior quality work. Complete Detection Ltd is your partner in Directional Drilling.

Get in touch and give us a call for exact drilling services and an expert group. Put your worries in our hands.

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