Accurate Leak Detection in Auckland

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Is your water main leaking?

Don’t pay for a plumber to dig up your front garden or drive all day. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art acoustic leak detection equipment to locate your water leak accurately, saving you time, money, and hassle.

How We Detect Leaks

Advanced Acoustic Leak Detection
Much like a doctor’s stethoscope, our electronic listening equipment is used to detect water leaks underground. The ground microphone amplifies the noise of the water leak, allowing our technicians to pinpoint the exact location without unnecessary digging or disruption. This precise method ensures that we can find leaks quickly and efficiently.
Precision Pipe Tracing
In conjunction with acoustic leak detection, our technicians use advanced pipe tracing equipment to map out your water main. This process involves identifying the path your pipe takes from the meter to your house and determining its depth. By accurately tracing the pipe, we can significantly narrow down the search area, leading to more accurate and faster leak detection.

Factors Influencing Leak Detection

There are several environmental variables to consider when conducting a water leak detection. These factors can impact the effectiveness and accuracy of the process:

Water Pressure: Higher pressure can make leaks easier to detect.

Soil/Pavement Type and Condition: Different materials and conditions affect how leak sounds travel.

Pipe Material: Various materials produce different noise signatures when leaking.

Extraneous Noises: Background noise can sometimes interfere with detection.

Size of the Leak Hole: Larger holes generally produce louder, more detectable noises.

Leak Noise in a Cavity: Sounds can amplify or diminish depending on the surrounding space.

Dealing with Multiple Leaks

Sometimes, you might have multiple leaks in your pipe. Our equipment is designed to identify the most significant leak first. 

If your meter is still running after the initial repairs, a follow-up detection may be needed to locate any smaller leaks.

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If you have an unusual patch of wet ground, or your water bills have shot up you’re in the right place. If you suspect a leak in your water main, don’t wait. 

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