Pipe tracing equipment can be very useful in tracing underground utilities such as water pipes, gas pipes, power cables and phone lines. Complete Detection Ltd works on any site, from small residential sites right up to large commercial sites. Call us if you require the location of any of these utilities before commencing any excavation work on your site. We can locate and mark your utilities before you begin, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Our tracing equipment is accurate for locating the line and depth of a given service.

Locating electrical lines prior to digging saves money, time and can prevent injury and death. You may want to locate an electrical line so you can avoid striking it during excavation or so you can tap in to the line with a new connection. Don’t risk costly or inconvenient power outages… Have Complete Detection locate and mark your power lines before you dig.

Water Pipes
Is water running away down your drive or turning your front yard into a swamp? Let Complete Detections accurately locate the line and depth of your water pipes and perform a leak detection to pinpoint the location of the leak. This will allow you to cause minimal disturbance when repairing the leak.

Gas Pipes
If your gas pipes are buried you must have them located before carrying out any excavation work on the property. Trying your luck and guessing where the tradesman who installed the pipes has run them can have explosive consequences. For a small fee you can save yourself the inconvenience and possible serious injury from striking the gas line.

Phone Lines
As with your other services, you don’t want to cut through your phone lines when digging or excavating on your property. Pinpoint the line and depth of your phone lines to avoid cutting through them, which can be costly for home businesses or just plain annoying.

The accuracy of pipe and cable locating equipment can be affected by both environmental and physical factors. For example, a broken tracer wire on a gas line, incorrectly installed products, or any foreign materials interfering with the signal.

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