Avoid Costly Mistakes
Before You Dig

Expert Pipe Tracing for Water, Gas, Electrical, and Phone Lines
When you’re preparing for excavation work, the last thing you need is an unexpected encounter with an underground utility! At Complete Detection Ltd, we specialise in precise and reliable pipe tracing services to help you locate water pipes, gas pipes, power cables, and phone lines before you start digging. Serving both residential sites and commercial projects.

Why Choose Our Pipe Tracing Services?

Electrical Lines

Locating electrical lines prior to digging is crucial for preventing costly and dangerous mistakes. Striking an electrical line can lead to inconvenient power outages, expensive repairs, and serious injuries. Whether you need to avoid striking an electrical line during excavation or connect a new line, our precise tracing equipment ensures you know exactly where your electrical lines are.

Water Pipes

Is water turning your front yard into a swamp or running down your driveway? Our expert technicians can accurately locate the line and depth of your water pipes. We also offer leak detection services to pinpoint the exact location of leaks, allowing for minimal disturbance during repairs.

Gas Pipes

Before carrying out any excavation work, it's essential to locate your buried gas pipes. Guessing the location of gas pipes can lead to explosive consequences. For a small fee, we can save you from the inconvenience and potential serious injury from striking a gas line.

Phone Lines

Cutting through phone lines during digging can be costly and inconvenient, especially for home businesses. We help you pinpoint the line and depth of your phone lines, ensuring you avoid disrupting your communication services.

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Don’t take the risk of accidentally damaging underground utilities during excavation. Contact Complete Detection at 0800 2 DETECT for professional, accurate, and reliable pipe tracing services. Let us help you protect your property and ensure your projects proceed without costly interruptions.
Let us help you protect your property and save on costly repairs.
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